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Taste-testing Black Coffee + Pie with Ivy Knight

Posted by Brenna Parker, 1 year ago

Black Coffee + Pie is a new speaker series of talks that brings together people from in and around the hospitality industry to shed light on the not-so-obvious aspects of the business. Ivy Knight has curated a list of speakers that will facilitate collaborative conversations between industry professionals of all kinds. The first segment of Black Coffee + Pie with VICE's Patrick McGuire was SWEET! Find out what you missed and who’s up next on the roster.

Food + Drink

Q + A with the lucky mother cluckers who judge the annual 86'd Fried Chicken Battle

Posted by Christine Vu, 1 year, 2 months ago

In anticipation of the fourth annual 86'd Fried Chicken Battle, we talked to the 3 OG Judges that sit down every year and take on the tough task of declaring which dish is the winner winner of chicken dinners.

Connie Tsang Fried Chix
Food + Drink

Chef Ted Corrado's Guacamole Recipe

Posted by Drake, 1 year, 9 months ago

Pssst! It’s official. We’re bringing REAL avocados from Mexico for an 86’d Guacamole Smackdown, taking place tonight at The Drake Hotel.

Ted Guac
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Meet our Taste of Newfoundland + Labrador Guests

Posted by Ivy Knight, 2 years, 3 months ago

Editor-in-chief of Swallow Daily, 86’d Mondays Hostess with the Most-est, and in-house East Coaster Ivy Knight cozied up with her Atlantic Canada kin Chef Todd Perrin + Sommelier Stephen Lee of Mallard Cottage and Chef Jeremy Charles + Sommelier Jeremy Bonia of Raymonds for a chat about food, wine, and bringing a Taste of Newfoundland + Labrador to The Drake.

Taste of Newfoundland
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Ivy Knight Presents the Winners of our Food Photography Contest!

Posted by Drake, 6 years ago

Our 86D Mondays always shake things up with tasty treats + cheap booze. Last month we held a food photography contest, which satisfied our eyes + tummy. Want to check out the winners?