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Drake Hotel Welcomes Internationally Renowned Italian Chef, Massimo Bottura!

Posted by Alexandra Feswick, 3 years ago

From our kitchen to your stomach, a whole lot of heart goes into every Drake culinary creation. In today's blog post, our Drake Hotel Chef de Cuisine, Alexandra Feswick gives us a small taste of the chefs that inspire her big flavours!

Massimo Bottura
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Acquired Taste, Nike + Me: Redefining what #thefoodrunners Means

Posted by Alexandra Feswick, 3 years, 6 months ago

An email came across our Chef de Cuisine, Alexandra Feswick's desktop about 8 weeks ago; that frankly has changed her life.

Food Runners
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Drake's Secret Garden

Posted by Alexandra Feswick, 3 years, 8 months ago

One of our talented chefs, Alexandra Feswick, spills the beans about Drake's secret urban garden.

Food growing!