Say Hello To Morgan Saint

Posted by Megan Hilario, January 25, 2018

Photo: Erin Brazeau

Like every new artist, playing a city for the first time is nerve-racking, it’s natural that the artist and crowd need to warm up to each other. Last Thursday, Morgan Saint graced us with her presence and broke the ice with her free debut show in the Drake Underground presented by Communion Music.

Saint stepped on stage with her band and started with her fan-familliar single “YOU” to get bodies moving. Behind her, individual stage lights lined the floor creating a dreamy ambience as the colors would change in accordance with her performance. She invited everyone to move closer and the crowd took the cue as the room was just getting warmed up. Saint introduced many new songs keeping in line with the emotive lyrics about love and uncertainty. I think what pulled the crowd in was Morgan’s connection to her music and her audience. She started “For God’s Sake” with a heartfelt speech about her inspiration behind the song. With her serene voice and sincere words you can tell she sings and performs with both grace and hurt from past experiences that translates into a genuine performance.

Photo: Erin Brazeau

She then prompted the crowd to start dancing with her newly introduced tune “Taking Me Back” that had a moveable groove and beat to it that got the crowd swaying. Morgan herself started to loosen up and showed us her dance moves. She continued on with her track “Just Friends” and another unheard tune. She then introduced “Glass House” with a story of her personal feelings of isolation and uncertainty. The crowd was singing along connecting with every lyric as she sung beautifully for the ballad of the night. By then the room has fallen for Saint’s sincerity, warm voice and chilling lyrics. She ended the night with the last track off her EP 17 Hero titled “New Regime” what she introduced as an “anthem for everyone” a relatable track that declares with conviction that being lonely and outcasts is not something to be ashamed of.

Photo: Erin Brazeau

This show felt more like an intimate gathering of new friends. We had a peek into the soul of Morgan Saint, and she let us in with a touch of vulnerability and thrill being able to get her songs out. Her music career is just getting started, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this time next year you’ll find her in the Coachella lineup, with her moody indie-pop sound and relatable tracks she is following in the footsteps of those like Bishop Briggs, Banks and Lorde. If you missed out on the show - give a listen to her track “YOU” below.

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