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What do July Talk, Vance Joy and Broods all have in common? They once played the Drake Underground and are now headlining huge festivals and playing venues like the legendary Massey Hall. From local bands to acts around the globe, The Drake Underground is a mecca for discovering local artists and up + coming acts from around the world. We may be underground but we don’t live under a rock - and we want to share artists on our radar, coming through the basement this fall.

On Our Radar:

Right from the start of 401 days, this album will take you on an electronic musical journey. J.Views is for those who appreciate that precise attention to production. He is known for storytelling through sounds and breaking boundaries in the music scene by experimenting with new concepts (He remixed his track #AlmostForgot with the recording of his fans heartbeats sent to him through a kickstarter campaign). Tickets are still available for his show on ON NOV 7 @ 8PM_$17. Get them here.

This American sweetheart has a powerhouse voice with catchy pop music that brings attention to society’s feelings towards sexuality. Her single “Wasted Youth” is an anthem about feelings of love and freedom that everyone can relate too. Fletcher will be coming through the basement for her only Canadian date on her tour on Tuesday, OCT 3 @ 8PM_$15 w/ Tayler Buono. Grab tickets here.

Terror JR
After much speculation that Terror JR’s lead vocalist was none other than Kylie Jenner, many eyes and ears were left on the new band who have released 2 full length EP’S in 2 years: Bop City + Bop City 2: Terror Rising. Their lyrics intertwine with today’s pop culture mindset and their music has that dreamy synth-pop sound with a bit of a dark twist - they’re probably the next up + coming band to play Coachella. However, they’re playing The Drake first, for a sold out show on OCT 20 @ 7PM w/ Kid Froopy.

Jacob Banks
A powerhouse voice with chilling lyrics and production – Jacob Banks is an artist you need to hear. His track "Mercy" was on the “Songs You Need in Your Life This Week” by Fader, and ”Chainsmoking” was named “Best songs of 2017 so far” by Time Magazine. The range and raspy quality of his voice pulls you in as he explores themes of love and uncertainty. He is also playing a sold out show in the underground this fall on NOV 24 @ 7PM.

Billie Eilish
Apple Music’s Up Next Artist – Billie Eilish is only 15 years old and is already making waves globally. Her single “Ocean Eyes” was born through an organic collaboration between Billie and her brother, and catapulted her career after being posted on soundcloud. Billie Eilish has a smoky electronic pop sound and her lyrics are a perfect blend of cheeky but sweet, giving odes to teenage angst. She sold out the underground on OCT 14 @ 8PM w/ Thutmose.

The Coronas
This 4-piece rock band sold out two shows in the underground this November. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland The Corona’s deliver that perfect blend of indie-rock and high-energy songs with toned down ballads. Their lyrics take you through stories of adventure, uncertainty, and relationship happiness + heartache. Already taking the UK by storm, The Corona's are coming through Toronto for their fall tour, they play the basement on on NOV 4 + 5 @ 8PM.

Ones to Watch
You saw it here first – these local artists are going to blow up.

Chris LaRocca
Smooth voice, with an r&b, electronic twist in his music. 5 Track Voila will leave you wanting to hear more. Read about his inspirations behind his new EP Voila via Much Music. Catch him live at the Drake Underground on OCT 4 @ 7PM_$15 w/ Maddee, grab tickets here.

Mathew V
West coast singer-songwriter has a big voice and catchy tunes that are reminiscent of a younger, more edgy Sam Smith. Find out about his classical training and opera background in his interview with beatroute. Catch him live at the Drake Underground on NOV 30 @ 8PM_$10, grab ticketshere.

They are a powerhouse female duo that blends beautiful vocals with soft melodic rap and emotionally evocative lyrics. Their music has a soul and beat to them that will keep you swaying. Listen to their new track "Blind" w/ Kaytranada. Catch them live on NOV 17 @ 830PM w/ Ryan Playground, grab tickets here.

Michl channels that chilled-out-electronic-ballad vibe that pushes, pulls and tugs at the heartstrings. Stories of love and loss are common themes in his music. See him live at the Drake Underground on DEC 1 @ 7PM_$15, grab tickets here.

To discover more acts playing in the underground we curated playlists on spotify catered to your listening pleasure. Whether you are a indierock/altpop, electronic/soul-pop or indiefolk/acoustic fan, make sure to follow our spotify playlists that will be updated regularly with the acts coming through the basement.

Follow the @drakeunderground on instagram to get updates on who’s playing the basement, and make sure to buy tickets early - you never know when something is going to sell out! (We are also now offering 15% off food in The Drake Hotel for advance ticket holders). You can brag to your friends about the next “cool new artist” you found – and remember to tag us in your sweet concert photos. See you at a show!

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