Posted by Megan Hilario, October 23, 2017

At only 21, Mathew V has had opera voice training, moved to Europe to enhance his songwriting and has been named October's iHeartRadio's Future Star. Gearing up for the new year, his new single "Tell Me Smooth" is attracting all the eyes and ears of music lovers around the nation. We spoke to Mathew about what drives his passion for music and what to expect for his debut performance in Toronto in the Drake Underground.

What was your earliest memory of what sparked your love for music and performance?
Oh gosh, well if I’m being painfully honest… my family has VHS tapes of me singing “Man I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain from the ages 2-7. I guess you could say I caught the pop bug pretty young!

What drove you to move to England to learn songwriting, and what was your most valuable lesson you took from being there? I always connected to a UK Pop sound, and I’m so OCD for success that I told myself i was going to go and make it happen! The best lesson that I took from the UK was to never settle for anything less than your absolute best. If the song isn’t 100% me at the end of the process, it’s not done yet.

What was it like working with singer-songwriters Dan Mangan and Royal Wood?
Writing with these talented gentlemen was an absolute dream for me. I typically go into a writing session pretty adamant on what I want to write that day, but in these sessions I knew that I had so much to learn from them, so I really got to experience a true co-write and collaboration.

How did it feel being named iHeartRadio’s future star for October?
I was actually in Toronto when I got the news… I was just leaving The Drake (the best salmon bagel in town) and I heard the word from our radio rep and it was amazing! The support for the single has been really encouraging and I’m excited to grow from here! Watch the interview and a little vocal performance with QMFM 103.5 here.

Is there anyone you’ve been listening to that has inspired your latest work, and in what way has that done so?
Oh gosh, I listen to so much music. I’d like to think that I pull a little bit from everything. But inspirations for me as an artist would be Paloma Faith, Ella Eyre, Emeli Sande, Stevie Knicks; powerful, soulful and eccentric artists.

With a breadth of female powerhouses as his musical inspirations watch his cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears that leaves you wanting more.

What is your dream city/venue to play and why?
Well one day I would love to play at Madison Square Garden, but The Roundhouse in London has to be my dream. I saw James Bay and Jessie J play a show there and I don’t think anything has impacted me as a musician more than that show.

For those seeing you from the first time, what can they expect from your live show?
I actually haven’t played a show open to the public in Toronto before, so I’m very excited to introduce myself to the city at The Drake! You can expect to see some sort of a statement piece (I shop all year for show season) some powerhouse vocals (I hope! haha) and some pretty crappy banter (although my mom thinks I’m funny). Overall a great time!

In what way has an opera/classical background influenced your current sound?
I’m so glad that I had this training, it really is the base of my vocal control and power today. Some people do hear some classical vibrato in my pop music… but other than that I feel like stylistically I’ve really found my own style in the last few years.

Walk us through your new single “Tell Me Smooth,” what inspired the lyrics and the concept of the music video?
"Tell Me Smooth" was the song that got me signed! It was the first demo that everyone got really excited about. I wrote the song about that moment when you know you’re getting dumped. The instant that the conversation turns, and your stomach drops and you just really expected more from that person.

Of all your songs so far, which one means the most to you and why?
Every song on this new record has a special place in my heart. I’m super stoked about the record and I think every song is a single so, it really depends on the day!

On Thursday November 30, Mathew V will blow you away with his powerhouse vocals at the Drake Underground. Performing his latest single, and tunes from this first EP Sounds get ready to sing along and groove to this future star's live show w/ Aiden Myers as support @8PM_$10. Get your tickets here.

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