Eat with your Eyes: Drake Commissary Sneak Peek

Posted by Drake, June 05, 2017

The Drake is all about celebrations and we couldn't be more excited to mark another milestone with the newest addition to the Drake fam. Opening in the Junction Triangle on the ever-evolving industrial area of Sterling Road, Drake Commissary is unlike any other existing establishment. Acting as a culinary hub where the Drake team churns, pickles, ferments, bakes, smokes, preserves from scratch to provide all locations with high-quality bases that ensure consistent Drake standards throughout.

"The Commissary upholds the Drake philosophy of freshness and healthfulness in all of the products we provide to the properties. The flours we use are nutritious and full of vitamins and we aim to use as many ancient wholesome wheats/grains in our breads as possible. For our charcuterie program we only use naturally raised antibiotic free pork and process all of the meat the day it comes in. Spices are freshly ground, herbs are freshly chopped and all of our mixes are done by hand and tasted by our head charcuterier before they are pipped. Our pastries are also made fresh daily with seasonally changing ingredients. We use fresh Hewitt’s dairy, 100KM free run eggs, and Stirling 84 per cent butter for making our pastry goods. We also pickled and cure our own herring and salmon using the freshest fish and bright fresh flavours."

Drake Commissary chef, Jonas Grupiljonas continues, "It's important that we make all of the things ourselves because it really allows us to have pride and confidence in every item we serve. We know the origin of every item, we can attest to its freshness and flavour and know that nothing is added that isn’t part of our healthful approach to making food."


The Drake Commissary is also a destination on its own with a unique menu where guests can choose to dine in or take out. The +tongtong designed restaurant facilitates a flow and invites the most curious foodies into the kitchen where patrons have a full view of #drakebakes in action. The aroma of fresh bread, pastries and more will make you want to take Drake home with you, and you can! Shop our larder, which is full of pantry staples and incredible flavours that you never even knew you needed.


Site-specific and custom Drake art thoughtfullly fills the curated space and music from up-coming Drake Underground acts completes the entire sensory experience and of course, there's a photobooth to capture it all. We hope you make yourself at home!

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Visit us IRL, starting JUNE 12.

All photos by Kayla Rocca.

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