Top 5 exhibits to look forward to in April

Posted by Stacie Ant, April 11, 2017
trinity square video

This April, we're extra excited about Toronto’s annual Images Festival as well as exciting new art shows. Although there is always a lot of fun stuff to see in the city, here are our top 5 picks for our most anticipated exhibits.

Trinity Square Video
For the Left Hand Alone
Karilynn Ming Ho
April 1 - 29

Vancouver-based artist Karilynn Ming Ho explores the themes of fragmented bodies in a time of new digital realms by focusing on the phantom limb syndrom. She uses the body as a narrative device to tackle the modern collective feelings of uncertainty in an increasingly disembodied world. This digital experience is accompanied by musical commissions of Paul Wittgenstein (a one-handed pianist), For the Left Hand Alone.

Click here to learn more about Karolynn's exhibit.

Trinity Square Video is currently supporting the 2017’s Drake AV program, a mentorship and commissioning program for emerging artists.

mercer union

Mercer Union
A Magical Substance Flows Into Me
Jumana Manna
March 31 - 27

presented in partnership with the Images Festival

Berlin-based artist Jumana Manna exhibits her feature length film at Mercer Union- an artist run centre. A Magical Substance Flows Into Me, (2015) explores the musical traditions of a multitude of communities living in and around Jerusalem. Weaving from one site to another, the intertwinement of heritage and identities are presented, along with the imagining of a multifaceted Palestine.

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daniel faria gallery

Daniel Faria Gallery
The Sophie La Rosière Project – Chapter III
Iris Häussler
March 9 - April 29

German painter and sculpter Iris Häussler creates a series of painted doors, panels and canvases. Doors are a portal to a new story - and an end to an old one. She decorates each surface with mixed paint, leaves, dead ladybugs and blood. Häussler's work is beautiful yet grotesque, telling a unique story with a Renaissance-inspired narrative.

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grow op

The Gladstone Hotel
Grow Op
April 19 - 27

Grow Op , Gladstone Hotel’s urbanism, landscape design and contemporary art exhibition, celebrates its fifth year in the spring of 2017! The exhibition cultivates ideas across a broad range of disciplines, examining how humans and other species live within and without natural systems of growth, change, abundance, scarcity, decay and life.

The exhibition explores themes of nature and habitat through environmental and landscape art. The show features over 30 contributing artists and is juried by a collection of environmental architects and curators.

Text from Gladstone Hotel's exhibit description. Click here to learn more.

petra collins

Petra Collins
April 29 – June 24

Toronto-born Petra Collins is one of the most successful photographers (under 25!) to explore girl culture. She adds sofistication and beauty to a coming of age theme of her work. Petra is currently working out of New York and is coming back to her home town of Toronto to exhibit a beautiful series of photographs depicting her family through a fairy tale light using mid-century inspired costumes and magical viisuals.

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