Photo Booth Confessional w/ Keimar Russell

Posted by Drake, April 05, 2017

Get to know the people of The Drake in a new series we're calling Photo Booth Confessional. Through the hustle and bustle of it all, we're taking time to get a snapshot of all of the vibrant personalities that make up the Drake fam and passing along a question for the next Draker in our own version of the classic telephone game.


Keimar Russell is a cook by day and break dancer by night, bringing a whole new meaning to "you got served." Get to know the dedicated and multi-talented staffer in a round of questions, starting with one from our last Photo Booth Confessional with Drake Devonshire's Karla Brennan.

What’s your why?
Well I just do it for the love of the dance, honestly.

How long have you been dancing?
Almost 11 years.

How do you balance a dance career w/ being a cook?
Balancing a dance career and being a cook very exhausting and takes a lot of dedications to both crafts in order to deal with them both. I work 7am to 5pm then after that I go and practice from 6:30pm till 10pm.

Which living person do you most admire?
Batman... 'cause I truly do believe there's a real Batman.

What is one thing that your coworkers don’t know about you?
LMFAO THERE'S SO MUCH ...But they can just ask lol.

What is your most treasured possession?
Currently my phone honestly.

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Personally no one .... I just prefer not to identify myself with old people, that's just weird.

Who are your heroes in real life?
My hero in life would have to be my dad, as cheesy as it sounds he's the reason I started cooking and dancing.

What is your motto?
Everything is awesome, when you're part of a team!

What is a random talent that you have?
I can down two liters of chocolate milk in one sitting.

What is your greatest fear?

In the last 24 hours, what has been your greatest achievement?
Going to sleep before 12AM.

If you could ask someone else from The Drake anything, what would you ask?
What's the one time you've been the most vulnerable?

Keimar is teaching a break dance class for little to medium Drakers! Kids ages 6-12 can learn some new moves on MAY 20 @ 10AM. Get tickets here.

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