Sitting Pretty: +tongtong Designed Stools Makes Headlines

Posted by Drake, April 17, 2017
Globe and Mail Commissary

"“You can really feel things hopping there,” says Tong. “It’s a new frontier, a pocket of opportunity, ‘Queen West’ bursting at the seams. Having done two Drakes that are different – one urban, one rural – yet consistent, the challenge was to do something new that still has ties to the original spirit: colourful, dynamic, energetic.”" - John Tong on the exciting opportunity of designing Drake Commissary.

+tongtong has been a part of The Drake fam since the beginning, even coining the term for the well-loved and welcoming colour we all recognize now as "Drake Green." You'll never guess where he got the inspiration for the unique + bespoke stools. Plus, because everything he does is designed with intention and the guest experience in mind, learn how to get the most out of the stool by sitting on it the +tongtong way in this Globe & Mail article!

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