Cinco de Mayo Pop-up w/ Donnie Masterton

Posted by Ivy Knight, April 28, 2017

Donnie Masterton has been coming to Toronto for the past three years to help The Drake throw a Cinco de Mayo party. Jeff Stober discovered Donnie's cooking while he was visiting The Restaurant in San Miguel de Allende and decided he'd be the perfect chef to execute The Drake's first Cinco de Mayo pop-up in 2014.

Mi casa es su casa. Get to know the top chef who's coming all the way from Mexico to take over Drake One Fifty for a one-night-only Cinco de Mayo pop-up dinner! Ivy Knight got a chance to sit down with him during last year's pop-up.

What's your background?

Donnie - I was born in LA and moved to New York at 15 where I started cooking. I lived in New York, Washington and San Francisco before moving to Mexico with my family almost 14 years ago. I opened The Restaurant eight years ago.

You have been coming to Toronto for a few years now, what do you think of the city?

Donnie - What I most love about Toronto is that the food scene is so exciting, there are so many new restaurants. Also everyone seems to get along so well, the community is really strong. We went to Bar Raval, super simple but great food and the staff was really great. People in TO are super friendly, especially at The Drake, people are super cool. The cities I visit the most; LA, San Francisco , New York and Austin. I feel like Toronto is just as fresh and exciting.


What are your favourite spots to eat in the city?

Donnie - Bar Isabel, Buca, Valdez, and Jon Pong took us to Imanishi once. We really like Sneaky Dees for going out with The Drake crew. We’ve eaten at the Hotel at least three times this trip and the food is great every time.


This year, Chef Donnie has collaborated with Executive Chef Ted Corrado on a menu full of tasty bites and our expert bartenders have come up with an Altos Tequila cocktail list. Spots are limited so reserve now!

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