The Drake Turns 13: Wishlist

Posted by Drake, February 09, 2017

We're turning 13 this year but before we enter the teen years, we're gonna need a few things. A mix of essentials and our current favs from Drake General Store, here's what's on our bday wish list!

Birthday - Money Clip

1. Money Clip
We're gonna need something to keep all of that birthday money together.

Birthday - Headphones

2. Kreafunk aHead Headphones
So we can listen to our angsty music without being bothered or being a bother.

Birthday - Cake Plate

3. Melamine Cake Plate
A designated cake plate seems like something any mature + responsible person would have in their home.

Birthday - Tea

4. Confetti Tea
Keep the party vibes going with a refreshing caffeine-free blend of green rooibos tea with a hint of lime peel.

Birthday - chips

5. Eat Chips Felt Banner
With age comes wisdom, so we know that it's the little things that need celebrating!

With or without the list, our biggest wish is to have all our buds at our birthday party. We've enlisted party legends, the Magen Boys to help us step up our party game w/ a building-wide Coming of Age party TONIGHT @ 9PM_$10!

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