The Drake X Drake General Store bring it home for Canada's Top Ten

Posted by Christine Vu, January 12, 2017
Canada Top Ten - Chesterfield Lounge

Canada's Top Ten Film Festival is all about celebrating and promoting Canadian talent so when they needed a seated set to create a home away from home pop-up set, they tapped The Drake and The Drake General Store. We couldn't have been more excited to have the opportunity to exercise our expertise in Canadiana cool.

"We wanted to launch the festival with the same warmth, diversity and creativity that the Canadian filmmakers bring through their stories and what better way to do that than to launch the festival from Canada's living room, which we lovingly call 'The Chesterfield Lounge!'" said TIFF's Rachel Noonan.

With so many changes to the visual landscape at The Drake Hotel over the years, we've racked up quite a collection of furniture and eclectic pieces that have proven their worth time and time again. A stuffed fox fits more occasions than you would think. To construct a set that embodied what TIFF asked for, Tyler Longshaw, our Senior Manager of Building Operations dug through our collection and put together a living room set that hits Canadian nostalgia on the nose. To ramp up the aesthetics of a basement of wood panneling past, a painting by Team Macho sits front row and center. To complete the look, we added touches like a Canada pennant, and a Mountie Thermos from The Drake General Store to show our true patriot love.

"The Drake brought the Chesterfield Lounge to life and has made the actors, producers and directors from our Top Ten selections as well as our audiences feel like Canada's Top Ten Film Festival is home to them."

The 16th Annual Canada Top Ten Film Festival screens a selection of some of the best Canadian films from the past year and runs from January 13th to January 26th at the TIFF Lightbox. The Chesterfield Lounge was used to announce Canada's Top Ten and can be found at TIFF for the duration of the festival!

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