A Month of Giving

Posted by Drake, July 18, 2016
A Month of Giving

One thing that keeps us going here at The Drake is the overwhelming support we’ve had over the years from the Queen West community and the Greater Toronto Area. Our ongoing success is due to your constant love and appreciation of all things food, art + culture.

We’ve always been thankful, but given recent events around the globe, we’ve decided to kick things up a notch. We dedicated the month of June to helping out where we could, because after all, nothing feels as good as giving back. With your generous contributions, we were able to donate a portion of our door sales to the following causes:

Red Cross’ Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Fund - $2500

In early May, wildfires ripped apart the lives of many residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Throughout the course of the disaster, more than 80,000 people left behind everything that had come to define them. Weeks later, evacuees now face the arduous task of rebuilding something that once was. The Canadian Red Cross has been committed to providing continued assistance and support, namely by establishing the Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Fund. Efforts are still ongoing.

Donate to the Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Fund

The 519 - $2500

The 519 is committed to the wellbeing, acceptance, and able participation of the LGBTQ community within Toronto and across Canada. As a city agency with over 50 employees, they have been providing direct services, accessible spaces, and community leadership since 1976. Keeping this in mind, we dedicated a portion of proceeds from our PRIDE 2016 celebration to assist The 519 in furthering their cause.

Donate to The 519

Casey House - $1000

The first of its kind, Casey House opened its doors in 1988. Serving primarily as a HIV/AIDS hospital, their services have grown to include community programs, home nursing care and outreach. Their mission is to provide exceptional care and treatment to patients struggling with the complexities of living with HIV/AIDS. With years of service and extensive knowledge, Casey House continually contributes their unique understanding to the field of education and research.

Donate to Casey House

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