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Drake Dreamers Champagna Enemea

Champagna Enemea is a fearless + fabulous drag queen on West Queer West. Flaunting 4-inch heels, full-body glitter and a routine that screams louder than a Sunday gospel choir, she’s a queen that’s made us cheer for self-expression since the moment she first graced The Drake stage way back when. Behind her God-given contours, unstoppable confidence and pursuit to push beyond her comfort level, Champagna Enemea is one of the gems in this city that make Toronto so damn loveable.

Drake Dreamers Champagna Enemea

Eccentric, boisterous and ready to shake a tail feather, we’re head-over-heels for Champagna Enemea as she steals the spotlight as this week’s Drake Dreamer:

1. What does the Drake mean to you?

The Drake was among the first venues that gave me a stage to flourish as a Drag artist. It’s a home that I know I can keep coming back to.

2. How does working at The Drake inspire you to follow your dreams?

There are a lot of highly successful, fiercely intelligent, and supremely creative people that dine and work here. Seeing them thrive in their passion is inspiring.

3. What do you love most about what you do?

Drag pushes me beyond my comfort level, and it always turns out to be the most rewarding after-effect.

4. How do you feel when others get inspired by your work?

Humbled and gracious.

5. Why do you wake up and do what you love?

I wake up to eat. Food is my boyfriend. I love knowing that I live my life fully and according to me.

6. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

At the moment, I’m reading The Greatest Salesman in the World. Reading those scrolls every morning are what get me out of bed.

7. Describe your creative process.

I am constantly listening to music, diving into the history of fashion on the interwebs, researching makeup skills... the list goes on, and seeing how they translate through my personal experience.

8. Describe your ideal day.

I’ll even tell you in one word: Beach.

9. Tell us three random facts about yourself.

  • I do a mean Free Willy impersonation.
  • I’m Albertan (shhhh)
  • Hitler shares my birthday.

10. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

That I’m a country boy. You’d never be able to tell.

Drake Dreamers Champagna Enemea

11. Where in Toronto do you feel most creative?

My apartment. I live alone, so the privacy is essential to my creative process.

12. Why do you love Toronto?

Toronto is so multicultural. It also has the drive of NYC and 20 minutes out of the downtown core, you can get to the lake and detach yourself from it all. I like that balance.

13. Who or what are your greatest influences?

The Queens of Instagram. There are so many creative Queens out there, it’s so much fun to let them influence me. It also allows me to see Drag from different places in the world.

14. In what ways you do see yourself improving in your work?

I see myself getting a lot more informed and creative with film projects. That seems to be where I’m heading at the moment.

15. What do you think distinguishes you from others?

I tap into that “universal truth” a lot in my performances, audiences connect with that.

16. What do you when you hit a life roadblock? How do you get past that?

I get out of the city and reconnect with nature. It’s where my mind is most clear. I always remind myself that creativity owes me nothing. When I remind myself that, somehow I get creative again.

17. How does it feel to create something that inspires / affects others?

It gives me hope for humanity. Hooray! People are still feeling things, and not always hiding behind their phone.

18. What's one important thing you've learned, that you could have only learned through experience?

You are good enough. There’s no need to pretend to be something else to appease others.

19. What's one of your favourite quotes? Why?

”No one cares. Work Harder.” I think it speaks for itself.

20. What are some goals you’ve yet to accomplish?

Getting out of bed before 11AM. I’m kidding. I’d like to host a fundraiser someday. But in the style of a very bumpin’ drag party.

All photos by @mich.dee

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