The Creative Class: Drinks with Anthony Lemke

Posted by Jen McNeely, June 24, 2016
Anthony Lemke

Photo by Johnny C Y Lam

Anthony Lemke is our (very good looking) neighbour. A few years back, the actor, his wife (classical musician Maria Gacesa) and their three kids swapped the big city life for a quieter existence in Wellington, Prince Edward County. "We would not have moved to Wellington had The Drake not been there. It's a big shift to move to a small town. I didn't want to move to a place where I was a total outsider and lost all connection to the city. The Drake being there is a pipeline to the city."

In Toronto, Anthony found that his headspace was often consumed with the busyness of the city, and he finds the pace of country living to be a refreshing change: "You feel the seasons a lot more and notice the passage of time. The connection to nature and the cycles of life have been really healthy for us and our kids."

Anthony Lemke

Photo by James Heaslip

While we could have chatted for hours about the allures of Prince Edward County, the impetus of our meeting was to discuss Anthony's life as an actor.

In a cutthroat biz, he's managed to thrive for decades. His latest role as Three in the extremely popular sci-fi fantasy series, Dark Matter, is primed to be his biggest career move yet. The Canadian show premiered last summer on both the Space and Syfy networks and has already become a household obsession in eighty-three countries around the world. Season 2 will launch on July 1st.

"I don't have to go to work; I get to go and play," says Anthony, who feels blessed to have landed a dream gig where he gets to run around on an out-of-this-world spaceship, living the life of a comic book hero. It’s fun for sure, but Dark Matter is also successful because it asks those big fundamental questions about human nature that haunt us all: are you born bad or do you become bad? Does one ever really have a second chance? Do we have the capacity to change ourselves?

When he’s not killing off evil forces or on a dangerous mission to understand his identity, Anthony enjoys exploring the thriving culture found within The County. "It's a really special, magical community."

Anthony and his family can often be found playing Ping Pong in the Pavilion or having drinks on the lakefront patio. If you see him, say "Hello!" He's a friendly chap who will chat at length about the Prince Edward County terroir or, if you prefer, the apocalypse.

Anthony Lemke

"Dark Matter" returns July 1st on Space + Syfy

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