Hairy Chest Man Does Brunch at Drake One Fifty

Posted by Jen McNeely, April 07, 2016

Did you hear? As of last week, Drake One Fifty is now serving brunch! This excites me for many reasons, but most importantly because 1) I love sausages, and 2) it gives a very good reason for me to venture outside of my comfort zone. (I mean, I've never left The Drake Hotel.) But I needed a plan.

So one day, while Executive Chef Teddy Corrado was at The Drake for a meeting, I snuck into his knapsack. I knew he'd eventually make his way over to Drake One Fifty, located in something called the “Financial District.” While in the car, I peeked my head out of his bag to gaze through the window. All I could see were tall towers everywhere. Most of the buildings were grey and black and kind of scary looking, but that changed once I was carried into Drake One Fifty: COLOURS EVERYWHERE!


I made friends with all the vibrant folk seated around the table in Gary Baseman's My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach. (Who would you chat up?) I was so busy looking at all the art, which covers almost every inch of the place, that I almost forgot why I was there: BRUNCH!


I went for the classic Drake Breakfast, because that's the kind of guy I am, but there are options for every discerning palette. Are you more sweet or savoury? For sweet lovers, Chef Jon Pong has everything from blueberry scones with clotted cream to skillet French toast with apple rhubarb compote. Mmmmm. If you prefer savoury fare, there are plenty of options beyond your usual eggs and bacon. Try the salmon grain bowl! Or pair your pork and shrimp dumplings with a couple slices of avocado toast. Hungry yet? Drake brunch is kind of a big deal. (I think I need a nap now.)


Photobombed: Chef Jon Pong

Check out the full Drake One Fifty brunch menu here.

Drake One Fifty is now serving brunch Sat + Sun, 11-3. Book your table now.

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