Get On Stage: Memphis Tuesdays in Prince Edward County

Posted by Jen McNeely, April 06, 2016
Local artists take the stage

Every Tuesday, we invite County locals and Drake Devonshire guests to take the stage for an open mic night. It's a laid back welcoming affair that is known to attract serious talent.

A couple months back, Juno award-winning artist Sarah Harmer delighted a small crowd with a couple impromptu songs. Just last week, Lowest of the Low rockabilly king Ron Hawkins dusted off his boots and riffed a few of his best known tunes. While we love it when big talent drops in, this is a night for everyone.

Waiting for the perfect moment to unleash your inner T-Swift? Or maybe you've been strumming a song in your living room, writing about that bad break-up, and want to test it with an audience, but bright lights in the big city make you nervous: ROAD TRIP!

Or simply sit back with a glass of Norman Hardie County Pinot Noir and listen to some good ol' live music.

With stars in the sky, local grapes in your cup, and folk songs to get you stompin', Memphis Tuesdays is a warm way to bring a little magic into the work week. (Or play hooky; we won't tell.)

The crown enjoying a little Stu Jones

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