BIG NEWS + 10 Questions with Ryan McNamara

Posted by Ashley Mulvihill , April 08, 2016

It’s true! The news broke this past Monday in The Drake’s very own Queen West Café. In partnership with The Power Plant, we very excitedly announced that RYAN MCNAMARA (yesss!) will be performing a site-specific work for the VIP portion of Power Ball XVIII: Pleasure Principle. The Brooklyn-based performance artist, who has been recognized internationally for his seamless blending of dance, theatre and history, will be ours – for one night only. As long time super-fans, we are thrilled to be sponsoring his performance and cannot wait to see what Ryan has in store for the show. In the meantime, to satiate your (our) appetite for all things Ryan we’ve asked him 10 completely random questions.

  1. Body suit OR leotard?
    Unitard (which is basically a body suit but sounds a bit more professional...)

  2. What is your favourite type of tree?
    Palo Verde

  3. Do you believe Justin Bieber is sorry?
    He gives really good "I'm sorry" eyes, but of course he's not.

  4. What is the craziest interaction you’ve had with a fan?
    I'm usually the crazy fan.

  5. Guilty pleasure pump up song?
    First, never feel guilty about your passions and second, Whitney Houston- It's Not Right But Its Okay (Remix)

  6. Why was Oscar so grouchy?
    He doesn't have healthy gut flora. It affects your moods.

  7. Magazine of choice?

  8. Do elves exist?
    Yeah, but they are a lot more nefarious than Santa would lead you to believe.

  9. Mints or gum?

  10. How do you feel about the Bermuda triangle?
    Before I answer, I want to know how the Bermuda Triangle feel about me.

Be sure to get your ticket to this year's Power Ball XVIII: Pleasure Principle - this is one party you won't want to miss!

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