Drake Scribbles: Hairy Chest Man Party in the Photo Booth

Posted by Jen McNeely, March 29, 2016
Drake Scribbles Emily Sehl Hairy Chest Man

When I first messaged Emily Sehl about participating in the Drake Scribbles project, she warned me that she doesn't draw people, but rather "weird/quirkily cute monsters". I assured her that this wouldn't be a problem because The Drake just happens to be a welcoming home to many "weird/quirkily cute monsters", including the brigade of Hairy Chest Men who live in our rooms and can be seen relaxing in a glass case behind reception.

It was no surprise that after touring The Drake Hotel, Emily decided to focus her drawing on the Hairy Chest Men, but I was intrigued that she specifically chose to show them whooping it up in our vintage photo booth. "I imagined that after last call, when all the lights went out, and all the guests were sleeping, the Hairy Chest Men would wake up and take the humans' places. They would have drinks and dance. They would fall in love and smooch in the photo booth," says the imaginative artist. "My mind couldn’t help but wonder what their eyes have seen, and what their hairy lives have been like." No doubt, scandalous.

Hairy Chest Men in the Vintage Photobooth at The Drake Hotel by Emily Sehl

Beyond her vivid fantasy of what the Hairy Chest Men do when no one is looking, Emily was also inspired by how many guests shared their own Drake photo booth shenanigans on Instagram, be it while at the hotel or snapping a photo of their photo booth photo once back at home. How very meta.

Art inspired by photography, debauchery, and art. Life inspired by hairy monster men, hairy monster men inspired by real life. We dig it...

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See more of Emily's work here, and follow her on Instagram.

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Hairy Chest Men in the Vintage Photobooth at The Drake Hotel by Emily Sehl

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