Boho Beautiful Retreat

Posted by Drake, February 25, 2016
Boho Beautiful Retreat

Boho – “bohemian” (n) A person who lives a free-spirited life and believes in truth, freedom + love.

A three day health and yoga retreat held at the beautiful Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County. This retreat will focus on Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and Self-Exploration. If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or simply in need of a time out from your everyday life, then this is the perfect getaway for you! Hosted by Juliana Semenova, a certified Yoga + Pilates instructor and co-creator of Boho Beautiful. Juliana will guide you through a peaceful + mindful journey that will leave you feeling brand new, focused, and re-balanced. Take this breath of fresh air before kicking off the spring / summer 2016 season.

Your 3-day escape includes: + A 2-night stay in one of our beautifully-designed rooms* + $100 dining credit per person, with complimentary continental breakfast each morning + Daily tailored instruction in Yoga, Pilates + meditation by Julia Semenova including Energizing Yoga classes, Calming Yin sessions, perfecting breathing techniques, and candlelit meditation

*Packages start at $789 + tax for single occupancy and $1120 + tax for double occupancy


Mar. 21

2PM-4PM: Check In

Many guests will be arriving at different times through the day, so take your time to check in to your beautiful room, relax, and unwind from your travel. Perhaps visit the restaurant for a light meal or coffee/tea.

5:30PM: Introduction / Meet + Greet

In the afternoon, we will all join in the beautiful glass yoga room where we will be holding our yoga and meditation classes for the whole retreat. This is will be a good time for you to meet other guests, get to know Juliana and learn more about whats to come in the next two days.

6-7PM: Peaceful Yoga class

After settling in and getting to know everyone, we will begin our first yoga session together. This is will be a peaceful, slow paced yoga class that will focus on letting go of any tension. Allowing ourselves to come to the present moment in the beautiful surroundings of Prince Edward County, letting go of any stress from our regular daily lives, and fully dedicating this time to ourselves and our wellbeing.

7-7:30PM: Candlelit Meditation

Right after finishing a peaceful yoga class we will move into our candlelit meditation which will allow us to fully let go into a relaxed state of mind. Focusing on breath work and learning the fundamentals of meditation this will create the prefect way to end your day.

8PM: Dinner + Personal Time

This is a great time to visit the Devonshire restaurant for a nice dinner. Wind down and get yourself prepared for a restful sleep.

Mar. 22

7-9AM: Breakfast

Start the day with your complimentary fresh fruit and healthy breakfast items to help you get energized and ready for our morning class together.

9AM-10:30AM: Morning Energizing Yoga Class

Our morning yoga class is going to focus on energizing the body, waking up the muscles, and settling your mind into a peaceful and positive state. Moving through sun salutations, targeting the core stability muscles through Pilates exercises, focusing on opening the hips, and releasing tension out of your legs and back. Moving at a moderate pace, this will give you a full body release, stretch, and lengthening of the muscles.

10:30-11AM: Breathing + Meditation

Right after the energizing yoga class we will slow it down and bring your focus on different breathing techniques that can be used in your daily life to energize, calm, and/or focus the mind. These are some of the different yoga breathing techniques that have been used for centuries and do wonders to our nervous system. Finishing off with a peaceful meditation, you will be ready to have the most peaceful and relaxing rest of your day.

11:00am- 4:00pm: Personal Time / Lunch / Hike / Snowshoe Trail

The afternoon will be yours to dedicate to yourself. Relax, indulge in delicious food at the restaurant, or go for a long hike/snowshoe and explore the beautiful trails of Prince Edward County. It is highly recommended that you take as much peaceful and quite time for yourself as possible. Use this time to reflect upon what you’ve learned in the last two yoga/meditation sessions. Think about your goals, intentions, or simply take the time to not think at all and just be one with nature.

4PM-5:30PM: Calming Yin Yoga Class

After you’ve had a wonderful afternoon to yourself we will join together again and begin our evening yin yoga class. Yin yoga is a a slow/meditative paced yoga style that focuses on releasing deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia that covers the body. This unique yoga class will focus on helping you relax into different set of postures by holding them 2-3 minutes at a time. By relaxing into each posture you will learn how to soften then muscle and move closer to the bone. Targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine, this class will allow you relax after your day and help you shift your mind from Yang to Yin, active to passive.

5:30PM-6PM: Candlelit Meditation

As we finish our yin yoga class we will move right into our candlelit meditation. Applying the basics of meditation and furthering your personal practice with the teacher’s guidance.

6-8PM: Dinner + Relax

Feeling relaxed and peaceful, this will be a great opportunity for a nice dinner and personal time.

8:00pm: Outdoor Campfire + Hot Chocolate / Tea (optional)

This will be available for anyone that would like to join Juliana under the stars of the beautifulDevonshire outdoor camp fire. Curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate and feel free to hang out and ask any questions or concerns you may have regarding yoga, meditation, diet etc. If you’re tired and would like your own personal time thats ok too, however Juliana will be there for anyone who wants to relax and hang out.

Mar. 23

7-9AM: Breakfast Your complimentary light breakfast, tea and coffee will be provided for you to enjoy and get your day started.

9-10AM: Full Body Release + Flow Yoga Class

This will be our final yoga class together where we will move, stretch and breathe. A flow based class that will focus on waking up and heating up your body, stretching any sore muscles, and finding the present moment within. Focusing on breath work, balance, and flexibility this class will get you ready to return home with a clear and focused mind.

10AM-10:30AM: Morning Meditation

Right as we finish our yoga class we will move into our final meditation together. Going inward, finding peace, contentment and true gratitude for this wonderful gateway that you gave yourself. Feeling refreshed, clear headed, balanced, and ready to take on anything that life brings your way.

11AM: Check out and safe travels home!

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