Posted by Drake, January 29, 2016

Listen, we know that Prince Edward County can’t get any more picturesque, but we’re into keeping things interesting. Our upcoming lineup of Artists in Residence at Drake Devonshire are upping the eye candy with interactive art pieces that will take shape under our very own roof. Want to do your homework before meeting these exciting folks in person? Here’s the skinny…

Shannon Gerard | Jan. 24 – Mar. 27 @4-6PM

Textile + installation artist, Shannon Gerard, will be carrying out her Artist Residency fireside. Keep her company as she creates a crocheted timeline of Drake Devonshire’s history from foundry, private residence and nursing home to beautiful lakeside inn.

Because I Could Not Stop is a material embodiment of my ideas about time.”


Bring your own needlecraft, learn to crochet, sip a warm cocktail, and share in Drake Devonshire’s history. Gather around the fireplace every Sunday afternoon for some creative conversation and contemporary crafting. If you have local history to contribute to the timeline, bring your stories too! Never crocheted? No worries, Shannon will show you some basic stitches.

Team Macho | Feb. 3-8 @12PM


We’ve got this collaborative illustration posse heading our way! From Feb. 3-8 watch Lauchie Reid + Nick Aoki of Team Macho “re-imagine” original works by 19th century artists. See them get irreverent, absurd, and downright crazy in the Glass Box as they take traditional paintings + add a contemporary twist. Want an original Macho of your own? For $275, you can bring your own original painting + have the team work their magic on paintings by deceased or non-professional artists. The catch? You’ve gotta just let it happen. No requests!

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