History Lives Here

Posted by Drake, November 20, 2015

Prince Edward County, home to our Drake Devonshire Inn, has a long and important history. Its picturesque landscape, friendly community, and award-winning vineyards have made it a Bucket List tourist destination, and for the County’s citizens, a laidback place to call home. Of course, Prince Edward County is not without its stories and important historical events that have made it the charming place it is today.

Devonshire Inn Old Time

Drake Devonshire itself went through many transformations starting out as the Wellington Iron Foundry in 1860. Some 30 years later, the brick building was bought and renovated to become the home of W.P. Niles, who later founded the Wellington Electric Light and Power Company, bringing electricity to the village of Wellington. The home passed hands and was an inn before becoming a retirement residence. In 1974, the beloved local nursing home was transformed into the Devonshire Inn and operated as a quaint bed and breakfast until it was bought by our very own Drake Hotel Properties to become the Inn that we know and love today! Drake Devonshire pays tribute to the origins of the building maintaining and highlighting many of the original features of W.P. Niles’ home, while adding new, refreshed and updated spaces to the original Inn.

Robert Sharpe

And so we see that clearly “History Lives Here”. Prince Edward County celebrates the great achievements of the town’s past while also acknowledging and remembering the events, which served as defining moments in the history of the County. This Sunday, November 22nd @3PM, Drake Devonshire shares a story in Prince Edward County’s history with host Peter Lockyer of History Lives Here Inc. Sit back with a glass of wine or a cold pint and hear the story of the infamous Lazier Murder Trial of 1884 with Honourable Judge Robert Sharpe, author of The Lazier Murder: Prince Edward County 1884.

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Can’t stand the suspense? Read more about the case and Judge Robert Sharpe’s book and join in on a discussion about the process of criminal justice in nineteenth-century Canada, and the enduring problem of wrongful convictions. For more information about Sunday's event, visit: www.drakedevonshire.ca/whatson/2015/11/22/county-tale/

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