Food Friday: Sunday Night, Drake Hotel & Chill

Posted by Amanda Scriver, October 30, 2015

Amanda Scriver of Fat Girl Food Squad is coining a new term: "Drake Hotel + Chill". Join her on a little date night at her favourite West Queen West spot as she tries the fresh fall dishes on our new menu!


When your partner works in service and you freelance as a writer, it’s really hard sometimes to have your schedules line up for some one on one time. I mean, even though I live with my partner, a serious date night doesn’t come by often, and when it does, we cherish it ever so much.

So rather than partaking in our regular past-time of Netflix and chill (but literally Netflix and chill and not what those crazy kids are referring to), we decided to do head out to The Drake Hotel for a little comfort food (and some drinks).

I’m having a hard time believing its autumn, but it’s finally here and with that comes all the wonderful crisp weather and seasonal harvest. As my partner Simon and I strolled along Queen Street West in the cool brisk air, we stopped at the Drake ready for our night. One of the things I love about the Drake is that while you might come to do one thing, you can end up doing a totally different thing. The Drake is one of those places where it has so many cool things going on - you never know what you may get up to.


We sat down at our table that was housed by all the old books, you know the one I’m talking about. Simon had no idea that the books were real, so naturally I began to read to him, as any other person would. We shared a good laugh and decided to go over the drink menu. It’s Sunday, which obviously means it’s time to get turnt.

In all seriousness, we were there to eat, and the autumn menu is to die for. Chef Ted Corrado has managed to work some kind of magic on the menu as we had a very tough time trying to figure out what we wanted. I think our waiter came back twice to poke and prod about what we wanted (yes, I’m indecisive), but legitimately when you have things spread out over snackable portions, you want to order the whole menu. So we did. Well kind of...Yolo.

Let’s start with dem snackables. Praise Yeesus, they were so damn tasty. With names like the Drake + Bake ($9) we knew we were in for some tasty bites. Because we’re semi-basic bitches, we ended up ordering the avocado toast ($11), but made it fancy with big flaky pieces of lobster for an extra $9. We just couldn’t resist.


The finger licking goodness of the lamb ribs ($10) with their crispy pickles and harissa. Yasss. The plate came with only two ribs but in all honesty I could have done with at least eight. Alongside a bowl of edamame soaked in black tea ($8) - which Simon decided to pop into my mouth - we were off to a good start.

Still, it was the seasonally prepared food that we were super into. I mean, grilled n’aan ($14) with brussel sprouts, bacon, raisins, pecans and ricotta? YES PLEASE. Who can say no to bacon or cheese? The World Health Organization maybe. But fo’real - when the grilled n’aan came out I nearly died and went to heaven because this babe was nearly as big as my head and it was perfection. I just wanted to shove all of it into my face. Our next order was what I would describe as yolk porn at its finest. The mushroom bucatini ($22) with featured house made pasta, charred cabbage and parmesan crumble doubled as the most interactive dish of the evening. Our server instructed us to werkkk that yolk right into the pasta, and werkkk it we did for dat yolky goodness.

Honestly, we praise the Drake Hotel gods for always being chill and providing a good date night. Y’all know how to hold it down.

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a passionate storyteller and community builder in the food world, social activist for women’s rights and a body image activist. Full time, she heads up the Toronto community of Gastropost and runs the blog Fat Girl Food Squad. In her spare time she freelances for Paste Magazine , SheKnows and BizBash. When she’s not kicking ass and taking names (in between working and eating), she is having deep feelings for coffee, trashy reality television and drag queens. Amidst her busy schedule, Amanda was able to come + try out a few of our new fall menu features earlier this week. You can follow all of Amanda’s adventures through Fat Girl Food Squad and beyond, on Instagram , Twitter, Facebook or email her at

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