Rhonda is coming (back) west for another Pride Party Bash

Posted by Drake, June 24, 2015

Photo courtesy of A Club Called Rhonda

She’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, on the top of every list, inside the places you want to be + she’s the face you always hope to see. All we know is, Rhonda is unescapable!

Not familiar with Rhonda + what her party is all about? Let’s fill you in.

A Club Called Rhonda has quickly transformed from being a L.A. nightlife institution into an international brand. Rhonda’s buzzworthy poly-party has been running for roughly eight years now, and in that time have brought their pansexual party fun all over North America. Rhonda co-founders Gregory Alexander + Loren Granic first met in high school and hosted their first Rhonda event at the East Hollywood club Guatelinda in 2008. The founders were and still are set on one thing, creating a space where their gay + straight social circles could mingle. As Gregory put it, "It's a melting pot. You're straight, you're gay, you're bi, you're just experimenting — everything sort of comes together in this club, and a lot of inhibitions are left behind."

So where does Rhonda come in? Well, instead of putting their own names on the flyers, Gregory + Loren made the fictional Rhonda a spiritual headliner for the event. Rhonda is whoever you want her to be; a dancer, a legend of L.A.’s famous nightlife scene, a singer. However, one thing ALWAYS comes to mind when people think of Rhonda: she’s fearless.
Fast-forward roughly eight years + many shows later, Rhonda is gracing us with her presence in Toronto for a third time to flip the Drake Hotel into a 3-story pansexual dance party. Last year's Pride party was...unforgettable (look through the photos below to see for yourself!), and we can’t wait to do it all again this year!

Rhonda (3)

What you need to know:

Venue: Drake Hotel
Date: June 25, 2015
Time: 8 p.m. - 4 a.m. (last call!)
Cover: $10.00 (at the door)
Dress Code: Anything you can dance in! Don't be afraid to dress out of this world + in your flashiest outfit (the spectacular lighting will make you shine even more.)

For more info check out the event listing here + on facebook here.

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable Thursday night!!

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Rhonda (5)
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