Style Icons: Devonté Hynes

Posted by Drake General Store, February 12, 2015
Style Icon: Dev Hynes

Devonté Hynes is a chameleon. Before he wrote and produced the ballads that made us fall in love with bright stars like Solange, Florence Welch and Sky Ferreira, he had worn many musical hats. For the London native, there was his dance punk band Test Icicles as a teenager, his first solo act as Lightspeed Champion and even a brief time making country music in Nebraska where he met and worked with Bright Eyes producer Mike Mogis. Since 2009 Dev has released two albums and been performing under the moniker Blood Orange.

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Dev's fashion style is just as eclectic as the music he makes, and literally wears as many different hats as he does musical ones. Usually in a wide brim or baseball cap, he is covered with tattoos he got as a teenager, and loves his leather, ostentatious prints and even as a New Yorker has a bright Cali hip-hop aesthetic. Think Danny Zuko meets the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He seems to exist outside trends, and his look reflects the inability to group him into any specific subculture.

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Beyond producing music, Hynes has dabbled in fashion as a consultant for Jay-Z's label Rocawear. His stylish fresh eye could be explained by a neurological condition he has called synesthesia, where one sense is perceived by additional senses. He has described being able to literally see sound - he views tone, pitch, volume and instrument with their own colour qualities. Dev clearly has a one-of-a-kind view of the world, one we're glad he is sharing with us.  

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