House Party: Meet Metsa

Posted by Drake General Store, October 27, 2014

Metsa is a Toronto-based menswear brand owned by Markus Uran. The name Metsa comes from the Estonoan phrase “minu väike metsa maja”, which means "my little house in the forest". Markus partnered with local illustrator Jim Mezei for his House Party item.

We sat down with Markus and Jim to discuss his process, work + what makes an amazing house party.

1) Describe your process when starting a new project/piece. What materials do you typically use and where do you source inspiration?

MU: I dont know if I have a repeatable process other than drawing the item again and again – literally 100s of times. It is pretty basic practice, I keep a sketch book, I try to be open minded about where ideas come from.

JM: I often start with the basics, pencil or pen and paper. I usually have a notepad on me but always end up having scraps of paper with scribbled ideas in my pockets. For inspiration I like to go for a walk, getting outside is big to get the wheels turning.

2) Tell us about your workspace and your work style – is it organized chaos or super tidy? What’s on your desk right now?

MU: I want to say both, but definitely leans towards messy. I hate clutter and mess but I can never seem to escape it. I have too many things on the go and keeping a small studio super tidy usually means I am not working hard enough. Mess means working.

JM: Probably on the more tidy side of organized chaos. I have a lot on my desk right now, but it all has it's place.

3) Tell us about the piece you created for House Party.

JM: We both love being outdoors and I had been messing around with natural patterns in my work. This line of housewares came from doing a one-off bag I painted of his to resemble a birch tree. We both liked the outcome and wanted to see how else the pattern could be used.

MU: Birch trees are something that has been very important to me. When I was a kid my family would always point them out to me and tell me how beautiful they were. Our cottage property is covered in birch trees.

The bark is also just a beautiful graphic pattern. The illustration that Jimmy did is a great way to bring the cottage into the city.

The dishes themselves are made from the fabric I use when making the Metsa clothing line. I made these dishes so I could better organize my chachkas.

4) Who is your dream house party guest (living or dead)?

MU: Probably Jerry Seinfeld?

JM: ???????

5) In your opinion, what makes a great house party?

MU: One where Nicki Minaj shows up.

JM: Party Mix (the one with ringalo's) and a lot of Ja Rule or Whitney Houston

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