Food Friday: Jonathan Pong takes the Heritage Minute Challenge

Posted by Drake, July 04, 2014

As part of their running series, The Chef's Challenge, the Grid dared Drake One Fifty chef Jonathan Pong to create a dish based on a Canadian Heritage Moment. His challenge? Arugula. His Hertiage Minute inspiration? Maurice "The Rocket" Richard.

He came up with an all green dessert that's cheeky + fresh, combining bitter arugula with sweet and grassy green apple sorbet. He even topped it off with his own interpretation of snow and mini lime-meringues!

Heritage Minute

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We love Jonathan's dish the best (obviouuussslllyyy) but we're also huge fans the creations made by Steve Gonzalez of Valdez, Léonie Lilla of Farmers Daughter’s Eatery, and Canoe pastry chef Robert Gonsalves. Check out the full article and all the dishes here.

You'll probably remember this from your childhood, but just in case you need a refresher, here's the Heritage Minute dedicated to Maurice "The Rocket" Richard.

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