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Posted by Drake, June 26, 2014
Matt DeMille

Are you also addicted to the Food Network? Do you secretly dream of inviting 12 of your closest friends over for a dinner party, only to subsequently knock their proverbial socks off with your up-until-now-unbeknownst-to-them mad culinary skills? (We dream of eating Matt's food on the patio of the Dev overlooking Lake Ontario. But we digress.) Over here at Drake, we love you. We want to help you achieve your dreams. And this one is within reach, we're certain.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes of your time with these handy, instructional videos from our Drake Devonshire Head Chef, Matt DeMille, who teamed up the Globe and Mail for their Chef Basics series, and you're on your way to dinner party wow factor heaven.

Ok students, let's get started.

It's summertime now, and we all know that in the summer, BBQing is everything. Except when you char your meat to an unidentifiable crisp. On that note, let's start with Matt's tips on how to take your BBQing skills to the next level.

Got it? Good. Now we move on to apps. Shrimp cocktail, anyone? Everyone?

Vegans and carnivores alike will enjoy this fresh summer salad. Easy as...

Up for a little bit more of a challenge? Why not try smoking your own salmon, at home? That's what we call upping the ante. Oh, and you don't even need a smoker for this one (yes, it is possible).

Next, the main course. Want meat? No grill? No problem. You can still cook the perfect steak at home.

And if you really want to wow the people, add some surf to your turf.

You know we love our vegetarian friends, too. Here's how to make the perfect veggie burger, from scratch!

Time for dessert. Did someone say donuts? This version is m-m-m-maple glazed.

Want to get a little fancier? How about coffee granita with brûléed oranges?

Up for some BBQ stuntin'? Sure to get the oohs and aahs your inner chef dreams of.

And there's your perfect summer menu with instructions included. You're welcome. For more videos + ideas check out the full Chef Basics series over here.

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