Field Trip Prep: Meet Lowell

Posted by Drake General Store, June 04, 2014
Arts & Crafts Lowell wearing Drake General Store's SHARED 2014 Official Field Trip Tee

With the 2014 edition of the Field Trip Festival days away, we sat down with Arts & Crafts artist Lowell to chat about music festivals, life on the road + her dream collaborator.

What’s your favourite music festival experience?

Denmark’s Roskilde Festival with Apparatjik! We played the Orange Stage (main stage) after The Cure, so got to dance to "Boy's Don't Cry" while shaking out my nerves for the 30,000 people I was about to play to.

What’s something no one knows about being a musician?

Well for me, being a musician means being a pop musician/ writer, and there are so many things behind the scenes that people don't know about. All we hear as listeners is the music, and all we see is what the artist wants the public to see. No one really gets exposed to the co-writing, the major label bullshit of shelved artists, the madness that goes into writing one single pop song (especially when writing for others) and most importantly, the amount of songs that never see the light of day due to business! Of course, my solo artist career is fairly detached from that, thanks to Arts & Crafts. They don't really subscribe to it. I still see it every day with my peers and colleagues.

Arts & Crafts Lowell wearing Drake General Store's SHARED 2014 Official Field Trip Tee

Best find while on the road?

Somewhere downtown in middle America, while parked outside a shopping mall, we found a rooster under our van.

What show was your favourite (to date) on your recent tour? What show are you most looking forward to playing next?

I've only really done one real tour. That was a European tour. I would say my favorite show was a gig in a Bilbao venue called cafe Anzotika, mostly just because the venue was so old and beautiful. It was funny… the in house crew and I spent the whole sound check pissed off at each other because of the language barrier. Then after sound check, the venue had supplied us with an amazing home cooked meal where we sat down together awkwardly in silence still having trouble communicating. Right when we finished eating, at the very end of the night, after all that we all realized we could mutually speak French.

I'm looking forward to playing Field Trip of course! I don't do shows often so I'm excited for all my upcoming festivals… outdoor shows are the best.

Dream musician to perform with?

Debbie Harry.

Lowell is wearing the Drake General Store Shared + Field Trip Official Festival t-shirt. All official merchandise will be available this weekend at the Drake General Store popup shop.

Catch Lowell at Field Trip on Saturday June 7th on the Kids Stage at 6:15pm + on Sunday June 8th at the Garrison Stage at 2:05pm.

Photography by David Pike.

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