TranscenDance: World Pride at the Drake Hotel

Posted by Drake, May 30, 2014
TDH Transcendance

From our building-wide Club Called Rhonda party to Barbie's Basement Jewellery Pop-up and afternoon dance parties complete with lunch-time voguing, there are lots of ways to celebrate at The Drake Hotel. Did we mention we're keeping the party going 'til 4AM? Check out the details below:

Nuit Rose 2014

June 21st: Nuit Rose: TBD + Marlon Griffith’s open studio from dusk ‘til dawn. Starting @7pm_FREE

House of Monroe

June 22nd: SYBIL + Barbie’s Basement Jewellery Pop-up + House of Monroe: It’s never to early for a dance party. Join us for an afternoon affair of accessorizing and voguing on the Sky Yard @3pm_FREE

Later, meet us for Liza Uncorked. It’s a Hollywood musical-But with Liza @9PM_TBD

A Club Called Rhonda

June 26th: A Club Called Rhonda, Los Angeles’ ultimate party collective takes over the Drake Hotel in a building-wide transformation for some good body music and an adventure of the senses @10PM_$10

Pride Contest

Make your Pride last even longer and enter our TranscenDance contest for a chance to win a Pride sleepover:

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