Winter's Wild Last Days: An Update from Prince Edward County

Posted by Chris Loane, February 27, 2014
photo by Chris Loane

Snow, snow, snow!

If there is a theme for this winter in the County, it is clearly snow. It has been the worst winter in 25 years in Prince Edward County. Records indicate that over 125 centimetres of snow fell in a four-day period, and that was on top of the snow we already had.

After a few days of constant snow, you almost get a feeling of vertigo looking out the window. But it's a beautiful sight. In fact, though the winter weather can be a challenge, it also paints a landscape that can be positively magical—incomparable to anything any other time of the year.

photo by Chris Loane

For one, have you ever heard of "ice banks"? These are waves in the lake that freeze as they get closer to shore. They are caused when you have high winds, extremely low temperatures, and a lot of snow acting all at once. This winter we had ice banks outside the Devonshire that were twenty feet high! Daring people will actually go out and walk on the ice banks—but it is not recommended, of course.

That being said, it has been an amazing season for winter activities! Snowmobiling, cross country skiing and ice fishing were booming this winter. The Millennium Trail crosses right by our Inn and it is a fantastic walk in the winter.

Winter has been fun, but our eyes are already set on the summer and getting the Inn open. The update is that we are aiming for an early summer opening. The workers are labouring tirelessly on the project despite the horrible weather conditions, and we are all looking forward to opening soon!

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