Ted Corrado - Drake's First-Ever Corporate Executive Chef

Posted by Drake, February 26, 2013

We're so excited to welcome our first-ever Corporate Executive Chef to our Drake family: Ted Corrado. Curious to find out more about our culinary king? Enjoy a brief Q+A we did with him about who he'd share a Drake burger with and what he ate while skiing in the Italian Alps.

Ted Corrado

Drake: Where were you born?

Chef Ted Corrado: Toronto

D: Where are some of the places you've worked before?

CTC: C5, George + Rain

D: What was your first impression of the Drake kitchen?

CTC: The Drake kitchen is awesome. I’ve been in it before a few times for 86’D Mondays. I always enjoy that everyone is excited to be in the space working.

D: What is your favourite type of food to cook?

CTC: Risotto

D: What and where is the best meal you've ever had?

CTC: That's a tough one! When I was snowboarding in Italian Alps I enjoyed a dish called "pizzoccheri."

D: What is the go-to cookbook in your home kitchen?

CTC: Pasta with tomato sauce- a total classic.

D: Favourite TV show?

CTC: Boardwalk Empire

D: Name the chefs you most admire?

CTC: For inspiration I admire Chef Michel Bras and locally, I admire Chef Anthony Walsh.

D: If you could enjoy a Drake burger with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

CTC: Tony Hawk. I used to skateboard.

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