Drake Staffer, Bryan Da Silva: Graphic Designer + Zombie Enthusiast

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, July 31, 2012
Bryan Da Silva

We're so lucky to have amazing staff and Bryan Da Silva is no exception. Bryan has been working for the Drake for almost a decade and has done everything from food serving to graphic design. Did we mention he also drives a motorcycle to work everyday + makes his own hot sauce?

Shannon Elizabeth Murphy: Name?

Bryan Da Silva: D. Bryan Da Silva. I use my middle name, since my first name is also my dad's name. When people ask, I tell them the D stands for Dangerous.

SEM: What's your toothbrush colour?

BDS: Purple. I'm one of those people who stands in the toothbrush section for half an hour trying to decide. They're all the same, but for some reason I think one of them is the 'perfect' toothbrush for me. God forbid I make the wrong choice, haha!

SEM: What's your zodiac sign?

BDS: Aquarius, though I'm on the cusp of Capricorn. I don't really believe in that stuff, but I'd rather be a buff dude carrying water than a goat.

SEM: How many years have you worked at Drake + how many different roles have you had in your time here?

BDS: I've been with the Drake since 2005, which makes this my 7th year. I've gone through almost every role here. Starting as a night porter when I first moved to Toronto, I progressed through being a barback, busser, food runner, sound tech, AV department manager, intern to our curator Mia Nielsen, junior graphic designer, and now full-time graphic designer. I've even been known to work a few coat check or door person shifts. The managers and staff at the Drake have been tremendously supportive through all of my transitions and I definitely would not be where I am today without the great opportunities I've had here. When you're a teenager, there are these jobs that you see as kind of out-of-reach and unrealistic, but here I am - and it's only getting better! I don't mean to gush, but I have A LOT of fun here.

SEM: Who would you have a meal with at Drake (dead or alive) and what would you order?

BDS: My girlfriend and I have this running list of who we would invite to a dinner party, and I think John and Joan Cusack are pretty consistently on the top of that list. I realize that's kind of a lame answer (compared to Ghandi, Einstein, Bill Murray etc.), but I want to pick somebody that I would actually get along with past the initial barrage of questions. The Cusacks seem like they'd be a lot of fun to hang out with, and we could talk about my favourite movie, High Fidelity. They have been in SO MANY movies together. Adorable.

We'd have brunch on the Sky Yard and I'd order a Scrambled Burrito. John would have the Eggs Caleb, and Joan would surprise us by inhaling her chicken + waffles. We'd probably have quite a few mimosas too.

My backups would be Carl Sagan and David Foster Wallace with sushi.

SEM: What the last dream you had?

BDS: I had time-travelled from a small farm town to a post-zombocalypse city, where I had to fight my way through the hoards to find the one man who could return me to my time. The tragic thing was, I fell in love in the future and had I gone back to my time, I wouldn't be able to bring her with me. I have a very strong sense of narrative, so my dreams are usually very structured and play out like really cool blockbuster movies with plot twists and everything. Who needs Netflix?

Bryan Da Silva

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