Drake Staffer, Kayla Rocca, Stars in National McDonald's Campagin

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, March 21, 2012

Ever dreamed about being paid to eat McDonald's or drink McCafe lattes? Mmm fries, mmmm caffeine. Meet Drake Staffer, Kayla Rocca, photographer extraordinaire and the beautiful face that scored her a national campaign for the fast food giant.


Shannon Elizabeth Murphy: How did your McDonald’s commerical career begin?

Kayla Rocca: My agent called me and said that I had an audition for McCafe and that I should dress like a student. There were so many people at the audition and I had to sit with different groups of people just drinking and gazing out the window. We actually drank water in the audition!

SEM: Has acting been something that you’ve always been interested in?

KR: Yes! I went to school for theatre for four years.

SEM: What’s your favourite food at McDonald’s?

KR: Well, I'm a vegetarian! I do love Smartie McFlurries and their fries.

SEM: Have you ever had a birthday party at McDonald's?

KR: Yes! I grew up for a while in Welland and the McDonald's there had a bright orange caboose that was basically my favourite thing ever. It was the party room and I went every year for my birthday until I was six and moved away.

SEM: You’re on a desert island and you have to eat one type of fastfood for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

KR: Oh that's hard... Probably Harvey's because of their veggie burger.

SEM: What’s it like having your face seen in a national campaign? Has anyone ever stopped you on the street?

KR: I've never been stopped before, it's my first national campaign. But the Drake regulars do recognize me from the ad!

SEM: Can we expect to see you in more commercials? What would be your ideal campaign?

KR: Yes hopefully. Probably something creative with singing and dancing. Like a Swiffer commercial!

SEM: Ok, so big question: do you miss McDonald's Pizza?

KR: Oh I totally forgot about that! Yes I do, I remember having it at my birthday parties.


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