Behind the Scenes: The Drake DVD List

Posted by Zoe Shapiro, January 31, 2012

All the movies on Drake’s curated DVD list were either filmed in a hotel, based around a hotel or feature a pivotal scene in a hotel. Appropriate, no? The combo of organization meets eclecticism makes me really, really happy. Almost as happy as when I’m watching Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire sing and dance through Holiday Inn. Or Baby and Johnny flirt in Dirty Dancing. Definitely more happy than when I’m watching The Shining, Psycho or Hostel.

After a little bit of Nancy Drew-like sleuthing, I discovered that the list is the brainchild of Drake’s very own Bonnie and Clyde. Our Jules et Jim. The Front Desk’s Batman and Robin aka Ana Yuristy and Jonathan LeClaire. Ana’s favourite movie on the list is Richard Linklater’s Tape while her once-existing baby bump prefers Ocean’s Eleven (we’ll be watching that one around the valuables). Mine has got to be Lost in Translation. One day I’ll totally get to Tokyo. With Bill Murray. And a pink wig.

So listen up all you Dirty Pretty Things: check out Drake’s perfect little list of hotel movies and get inspired by such a unique cinematic catalogue! Make a compilation on a theme of your choosing for a rainy weekend. Gift a curated DVD library as a wedding present for a creative, movie-loving couple. Or check into a Crash Pad and watch a few, like I’m planning to (dibs on Fawlty Towers!)

-Zoe (your friendly Drake cinephile)

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