A Minute With: Grandtheft

Posted by Brian Smiley, December 26, 2011

Brian: It’s “End of Year” time, can you name some highlights from 2011?

Grandtheft: So many highlights. Asia tour in August was amazing. Loved Tokyo and Seoul a lot. LA and NYC trips in the last couple months both SO fun as well. I have to say, the Red Bull Thre3Style world finals last week in Vancouver was one of the most fun times I've EVER had. So many friends and talented people involved and tons of amazing events over one week. I'm still recovering.

B: Having already conquered the turntables and with a ton of amazing remixes under your belt, you’re now taking things to another level with your video DJ-ing. What inspired you to tackle the new medium?

GT: I haven't conquered anything! But I've dabbled with video since DVDJs came out.. But with video editing and VJ software where it is right now, you can make amazing things at home and do wicked things live. Kinda like with music. Also, everyyyyonnne is a DJ these days. The art and the game are both getting a little tired. This mixes it up a bit. New challenge with a lot of room to get creative.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Grandtheft Remix) [Free DL] by Grandtheft

B: If someone hadn’t been to a Grandtheft A/V DJ set, how would you describe it to them?

GT: Expect a dance party! I play a lot of dope videos, but the emphasis is on a crazy dance party with a mix of throwback stuff and brand new stuff. It's not a bunch of people standing around watching, that's for sure.

B: You’re constantly touring (as both Grandtheft, and half of Team Canada DJs), what’s the one travel item you can’t leave home without?

GT: Pants. Can't show up without pants.

B: Finally, what’s lined up for Grandtheft in early 2012?

GT: I'm spinning at the Much Music live-to-air NYE. Then I'm off to Dallas on Jan 2. Then a 20-city Canadian tour with my pals Keys N Krates. Busy start to the year. Looking forward to 2012. And looking forward to Boxing Day at the Drake Underground!!!

Grandtheft plays Night 1 of What's In The Box on Dec. 26 w/ Buck 65

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