Our People: Davie Danger Makes his face into a Maynards

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, November 02, 2011
DD Billboard

Ever wanted to have your own billboard? One of our very own Drake staff, Davie, can now check that off his bucket list. We sat down with Davie for a brief Q+A session about his experience of not only having a 20 foot face, but also his newly discovered doppelgänger connection with Sour Patch Kids.

Shannon: How did your life as a gummy begin?

Davie: I auditioned to be in an add for Virgin Mobile. It was my first audition and I was really nervous so I didn't get it. It was really funny, they asked me to pretend that I was seeing the season's first snow fall. I kept acting scared and annoyed. I guess they wanted wonder! A few weeks later, the same agency called me back for the Maynards campaign and after making funny faces into the camera, I scored after my second audition!

SEM: After your billboard went up at Yonge and Dundas Square in August, did people stop you on the street?

DD: [laughs] One guy stopped me and shouted: HEY MAYNARDS!

SEM: Every time someone eats a Sour Patch Kid, do you feel it?

DD: [laughs] Yes! It's like voodoo; you know how identical twins can feel each other's pain? I'm now connected to all gummies.

SEM: If you were in Willy Wonka's factory and had the chance to make any candy in the world what would it be and what would you name it?

DD: It would definitely be salted caramel. Crunchy outside, gooey caramel inside. It would be called "Danger Babies."

[Photos by: Shannon Elizabeth Murphy]

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