"Hitchcock's Music" Sends Chills Down Our Spines

Posted by Drake, October 31, 2011

We love any excuse to watch a spooky movie and Halloween is the most exciting one! Alfred Hitchcock is the King of Horror and has always had a knack of pairing his films with chill-inducing tunes. Working with composers like Bernard Herrmann and Miklos Rozsa, Hitchcock unquestionably changed the role of music in films.

After trick-or-treating tonight, we're going to curl up with Jack Sullivan's book "Hitchcock's Music." Written after extensive interviews with composers, writers and actors, Sullivan expands on how Hitchcock used musical scores to influence the audience's mood, a scene's atmosphere, characterization and storyline themes.

Enjoy these score samples from Psycho, a true Halloween classic!

01 - Psycho Suite (Bernard Herrmann) by Stealing Orchestra

Best Movie Soundtracks 019 - Psycho Theme - Bernard Herrmann-[www.flvto.com] by thedaniellestarr

[Photo via: Doctor Macro]

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