Eva Michon: A Few of Her Favourite Things

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Murphy, October 16, 2011
Eva Michon

Eva Michon is not only a talented filmmaker, she is also the editor-in-chief of one of our favourite local publications: Bad Day Magazine [take one home from The Drake General Store ]. Eva has worked with many creative forces such as Sofia Coppola, Mike Mills, Rita Liefhebber and Jason Schwartzman.

We sat down with Eva in her west end apartment to discuss limited edition art books, Stanley Kubrick + favourite pies!

Shannon- Hi Eva!

Eva- Hi!

SEM- How did you and Colin Bergh bond and eventually decide to start Bad Day together?

EM- Colin and I met at an art show in 2002 and we have a lot of mutual friends. I would see him around Toronto all the time. We bonded because we both really like Vincent Gallo. Colin worked at HMV and he special ordered me one of Gallo’s records on vinyl and then one time when I was in NYC, I got him the Brown Bunny soundtrack. We started to hang out randomly and decided that we wanted to collaborate. We decided to do a magazine that we could feature our friends and artists that we admired. After a few issues, Jackie came on board and now we work really closely as a team on every issue.

SEM- I know that you were all at the New York Art Book Fair in September. What was your rose and thorn of the experience?

EM- Well, it was kind of a bummer that this year PS1 decided to exclude the second floor, basically room was an issue. They cut a lot of the exhibitors and also put a bunch of people in a tent outside in the courtyard. We were among this group, but then it ended up being awesome! It was really busy and the weather was pretty nice. We were surrounded by a lot of great people like BUTT Magazine and & Press.

SEM- That’s great!

EM- The best part is all the people that you meet and socialize with, people in the same boat as you. You’re supporting each other at the same time and there are a lot of trades as well. Plus, having people come and buy your magazine directly from you is very rewarding; you can feel humbled by that.

SEM- I know that when you do sell out of an issue, you don’t reprint it. Did you decide to do this to enhance the collector’s item value of each issue?

EM- Yes, that’s definitely important to us. The original concept behind that idea was supply and demand. It just didn’t make sense to print 2000 copies of our second issue or 10 000 of the last one because we want to make sure that we have somewhere to put each issue. It’s important to assign value to something that’s limited because right now everything is online and therefore basically unlimited. We like the idea of when something runs out, people can’t get it anymore. So they make sure that they get the next one when it’s out. It’s special when you think something is sold out, and then you find it in some random store.

SEM- It sounds like you’re not in any rush to scratch the codex for a strictly online magazine.

EM- I think that eventually we would do something online. We’ve talked about maybe doing something for the iPad but it would have to be totally appropriate because the point of our publication is to look at it in person. If we did something online, it would have to be able to tie in or extend our mandate in a really interesting way, but we haven’t figured that out yet.

SEM- How does your blog work in terms of content? Is it strictly current events or is there some overlap with your magazine and Twitter?

EM- Basically, the only thing that ties everything together in each issue are the people who make it: me, Colin and Jackie. It’s based on our interests at the time we’re making the issue. Our online presence is an extension of that. We post things about people that we feature in the magazine and we also post interests of ours or maybe people that we would be interested in having in the future. It’s usually arts, film or music related. Our blog is our way of keeping up with what’s happening right now; our magazine is not as timely.

SEM- How do you decide who makes the cover of Bad Day?

EM- Sometimes we know before hand when we see who has confirmed interviews. We normally pick two top cover stories then based on the quality of the interview and photos, we decide on what would be the strongest cover. It doesn’t happen at the beginning but rather through the long process because we want to make sure that it’s good enough to be in the magazine. There are only about seven or eight things in each issue, so it’s intimate!

SEM- If you could interview three people dead or alive for your fantasy Bad Day issue who would it be?

EM- Oh god! That’s hard. I would say… Louis CK would be a good one, Kim Gordon and Stanley Kubrick.

SEM- Bad Day’s last event in Toronto was a great party for TIFF with James Franco. Will you be throwing more parties that don’t necessarily coincide with an issue release?

EM- Yeah, we want to do more events but not just huge parties. For example, a few weeks ago we had a very intimate launch for our secondary project, Bad Day Books. Our goal is to have a variety of parties. Also, every time we do a party it’s in a different space just to keep things fresh for ourselves.

SEM- Was this your first Bad Day Books release? Is this publication project something that you will be continuing?

EM- Yes, it’s something that we’re all really passionate about, especially limited edition art books. Our first release was Samuel Nyholm, a Swedish artist who does the cartoons at the back of each Bad Day issue. It was a really simple concept and it’s another extension of the magazine. We’re going to try and do three or four a year.

SEM- Do you have a favourite interview from Bad Day?

EM- In the last issue, my favourite was Andrew Kuo interviewed by Jason Schwartzman. I just remember laughing so much while editing that. They spoke for almost two hours and it was pretty torturous cutting down so many hilarious comments.

SEM- If you were baked into a pie and had to eat your way out, what flavour would it be and why?

EM- Definitely key lime pie with crumb crust. It’s my top pie of any pie!

Image by Claire Edmondson

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