Workflow: Kirsti Smith Solo Exhibition - The Drake
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    • Wed Sep 6th @ 7PM
    • All Ages
    • Free Admission

    Workflow presents Holy Dissonance a solo exhibition by Kirsti Smith7PM_10PM

    Holy Dissonance is an interactive body of porcelain sculptures intended to be played with. When interacting with these scenes you can project your own narratives and stories upon the characters, building a new fantasy every time. The intimacy created within the interaction of play helps build a deeper connection to the porcelain pieces themselves and helps bring the scenes to life.

    From early on, Kirsti has always used her creativity as an expression of her own reality. She begins with inspirations from her own family's ties to religion, sisterhood, and emotions such as grief and innocence to produce physical moments. She creates tactile art that is meant to be interacted with, as well as emotionally connected to; forming an intimate experience for the viewer. Blurring the line between fine art and functional ceramics, Kirsti brings familiar emotions into tangible experiences.

    Add your energy to the creative process as innovative artists from multiple disciplines showcase and discuss their work in the cozy confines of the lobby-turned-studio space.