What's in the Box X OUTTALINE - The Drake
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    What's in the Box X OUTTALINE

    • Thu Dec 29th @ 7:00
    • 19+

    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29 >>Doors open at 8:00PM, Show starts at 9:00PM. $10 at the door to benefit Sistering Women's Shelter or donate a lightly used coat to support the Glow (Gently Loved Outfits To Wear), a free clothing bank that services thousands of newcomer and equity-deserving individuals who are economically vulnerable to meet their basic needs for clothing.


    M.I. Blue is among the most multifaceted performers you will encounter. The Eritrean alternative-soul singer and composer embodies the spirit, sound, and culture of Toronto’s burgeoning music industry. Her own East African heritage as well as Jazz and early R+B are among M.I. Blue’s inspirations. Her voice is passionate, alluring, and contemplative

    BOYFRN wields a strong cultural and artistic heritage. Immigrating from Barbados to Scarborough, Toronto, in high school he would take an interest and started writing his own poetry; a move that ignited a deep-rooted urge within. Naturally quiet, BOYFRN continued in this inspiration, writing poetry as therapy and an expressive outlet. Poetry transformed into music, finding BOYFRN in makeshift studios, and making connections with those who fostered his inherent talent. With the help of friends, BOYFRN honed his skills and created his own sound: a mix of deep, poetic Rap and 90s Pop [sounds]. He released his first single, “Nine Tails” in 2018, with “CRY” and “Come Down” shortly thereafter. The year ahead is filled with production and execution, as BOYFRN prepares to release the work that’s developed over the last year.

    Kafayé diverse and highly musical upbringing is evident in his experimental sound, mixing Caribbean influences with the energy and sounds of Toronto streets to create a unique vocal texture. Kafayé shines brightest when performing, his humble nature eclipsed by the ferocity of his vocals and his remarkable stage presence. Kafayé is a man with a story, what’s up next? Time will tell...

    Deelo Avery is a singer/songwriter from the Ottawa duo, Garçons, and the No Tourists Collective, Deelo Avery is known for his most recent single Audio.

    Thanks to our sponsor Flor de Cana 12 Rum. Please drink responsibly.