Spencer Sutherland - The Drake
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    Spencer Sutherland *VENUE CHANGE*

    w/ Justice Carradine

    • Wed Aug 21st @ 7PM
    • drake underground
    • 19+
    • $15 Advance

    For Spencer Sutherland, the alt-soul singer whose brand of head-nodding, heart-rending, room-shaking pop songs is quickly establishing him as one of the big names to watch in the genre, the key to his success is in simply being himself.


    The Ohio-born, Los Angeles-based singer’s ability to fuse his neo-soul falsetto crooning and biting, relatable lyrics with bombastic modern beats, swaggering electric licks and a retro, stripped-down production is making a splash across multiple airwaves.


    Finding inspiration in artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Bruno Mars, Sutherland plays multiple instruments but considers a microphone his main focus. The unique charisma of his heroes encourages him to be a performer and not just a singer, as anyone who has witnessed his energetic, cut-loose wiling out onstage can attest. His ability to add his own stamp and quirks to his show and to his songs makes for a modern experience wrapped in the presentation of something beautiful from the past, but make no mistake: Sutherland is a modern act for these times, not some retro throwback—it’s just a joy for him to blend those eras together.