SHAED - The Drake
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    • Wed Mar 6th @ 8PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+
    • $19.91 ADV

    Based in Washington, D.C., electro-pop trio SHAED balance effervescence and atmosphere. Consisting of lead singer Chelsea Lee and twin brother producers Max and Spencer Ernst, the group recently released their second EP, Melt, featuring "Trampoline", which was featured on Apple's latest MacBook Air campaign.

    Their music thus far has been multifaceted, eager to delight and surprise in equal measure. On one hand, SHAED trades in infectious, deeply danceable electro-pop, cut with glittering synths and the spirit of ‘80s R&B. But Chelsea’s voice as she sings about the intoxicating power of love—which can swing between ecstatic, Madonna-like highs and growling lows, seemingly on a single breath—lends their songs surprising emotional depth. And unexpected instrumental touches—a ghostly whistle in “Trampoline,” orchestral strings at the end of “Melt” (the EP’s title track)—further distinguish their sound from their pop counterparts.