Sampled - The Drake
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    featuring DH Phenomenol

    • Fri May 31st @ 10pm
    • Drake Lounge
    • 19+

    Join us every last Friday of the month at the Drake Lounge for an amazing experience that combines "Salute the Sample" and "Who Sampled" in a night dedicated to music. 

    SAMPLED is an event where classic original songs and their modern-day versions are played back-to-back  all night long. Be ready to dance, test your music knowledge with your friends, or just relax with a drink in hand. SAMPLED is a celebration of the classics and their modern-day counterparts, all mixed live.

    Don't forget to share the vibe on social media! Use #DRAKESAMPLED in your posts and stories.

    Join us as we bring together different generations through music and create an atmosphere that's all about the love of classics and the art of sampling.