Rachel Bobbitt - The Drake
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    Rachel Bobbitt

    • Thu Aug 17th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    On The Half We Still Have, Rachel Bobbitt’s remarkable new 4-track EP, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter has crafted a series of sharp and incisive character studies that slice through traditional notions of mythmaking and identity with unflinching honesty and emotion. Amid piercing intuition and fearless self-reflection, lies a transportive confessional that slides even deeper into the cutting observations she so vividly imagined on last year’s debut outing, The Ceiling Could Collapse.

    “I wanted these songs to reflect the intense dynamics that take shape in relationships,” Rachel shared. “I’ve found in some relationships, you give and give, only to eventually lose yourself in the process. In those moments where we feel abandoned & hollow, a small sliver remains intact, preserved, and personal.” (fantasyrecordings.com)