Pablo Da Don - The Drake
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    Pablo Da Don

    • Sat Oct 26th @ 12PM - 4PM
    • Drake Commissary
    • All Ages

    Started his DJ’ing career under the name DJ P, as you may hear in some of his mixes. Originally from Camaguey, Cuba, Pablo now resides between Kitchener/Waterloo and Niagara. DJ’ing started out as a part time hobby for Pablo, with much of his focus being on IT and computers. This experience makes him versatile in his playing style as he is able to perform with or without turntables. Pablo currently uses Rane’s Serato Scratch Live as his main DJ tool. This allows him to create electrifying live remixes and mashups, new and old songs in all types of music. Da Don has an amazing feel for crowds, and always makes his audience his number one source of inspiration.