Nuit Blanche: birdO - The Drake
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    Nuit Blanche: birdO

    • Sat Sep 29th @ 7PM-7AM
    • Drake One Fifty
    • All Ages
    • FREE

    On "birdO", presented at Drake One Fifty: 

    The artist known as birdO takes his street-art aesthetic and transforms it into his first monumental sculpture for the garden podium, an urban oasis above 150 York Street/181 University Avenue. His vibrant hybrid of animal forms and abstraction will rise above the trees and bring the secluded space alive with a playful sculpture.

    For this piece, the artist was inspired by the Kirtland’s Warbler, a small songbird that nearly became extinct just 50 years ago and is now on it’s way to recovery. Requiring large areas of dense young jack pine that was historically created by wildfire, today this habitat is primarily created through the harvest of mature jack pine, and planting of seedlings. For Nuit Blanche birdO has transformed the image of this tiny creature into an epic sculpture, rising out of an abstract base, it will loom large over the downtown core. 

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