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    • Wed May 27th @ 8PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+
    • $12 Advance

    Hailing from the suburb of Scarborough, Loony brings the experience of growing up in a diverse, multicultural area to bear, with a sound inspired by a range of musical genres. 

    A love for neo-soul, by way of Erykah Badu, is clearly present, as is an appreciation for hip-hop, pop and rock sounds. After taking a short break – her last effort was 2016’s self-titled EP – Part 1 hits the ground running with the rap-sing groove of “Flock”, which shouts out her stomping ground backed by a brassy groove. “Overnight” carries a stripped-down electronic organ approach, highlighted by a confident Loony speaking to the promise of alternate realities, possibilities and outcomes. “Earth Sway” bounces on a trappy, jazzy, bluesy beat – “I ain’t got my name for nothin’,” she maintains as she admonishes a wayward lover.

    In January 2020, Loony dropped her most recent single “Good Game” to positive reception and critical acclaim. 

    GENRE: R&B, Soul