Keenan O'Toole - The Drake
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    Lucid in the Living Room

    A Solo Exhibition by Keenan O'Toole

    • Thu Dec 22nd @ 7:00PM
    • The Drake Hotel
    • All Ages
    • Modern Wing | FREE

    Lucid in the Living Room: a work flow series with new ceramic works by Keenan O’Toole. She invites you for one night only to come and partake in her recent discoveries and submerge yourself in the Drake Hotel’s Modern Lobby with her ceramic sculptures in a domestic setting.

    Artist Statement

    Keenan O’Toole (@keenoloto)’s ceramics work as an inventory of fragments – of objects, drawings, thoughts and desires. By arranging forms in a sporadic array she creates environments to sit, pause and reflect in a self created chaos. The performance of this labour is an evolution; it seeps into a compulsive manifestation in her thoughts.

    The method in how she works and how she surrounds herself with objects slowly start to figuratively reflect these sentiments as she tries to capture and freeze the fleeting nature of passing ideas. Each transaction of time for work leads to a new stepping stone, a place of discovery.

    Keenan is not scared of things breaking. Disaster does not intimidate, she works with physical process of clay push the limit of the material. While relying on curiosity of glaze research to continue to able to deliver a seductive invitation for the audience. She invites the viewers into a space of speculation and place to share a potential moment of complete presence. With this she uses her art as a tool of communication for misunderstood circumstances.