Florist + Skullcrusher - The Drake
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    Florist + Skullcrusher

    With Support from Adelyn Strei

    • Wed Jul 19th @ 7:00PM
    • Drake Underground
    • 19+

    This double bill features both Florist and Skullcrusher, with support from Adelyn Strei. 

    Florist is a friendship project that was formed in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate, New York in 2013 by Emily Sprague, Jonnie Baker, and Rick Spataro. “I’m interested in words being more—like a sentence saying a hundred emotions, and being five words long,” Emily Sprague explained of the folk-influenced songs she writes for her band Florist. Her words are simple and pared down and always open for interpretation (

    With just two EPs and a couple standalone singles, Helen Ballentine, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter who records as Skullcrusher, has honed in on a sound that’s both familiar and bracingly distinctive. The market for vulnerable, downtempo acoustic music is a crowded one, but with her focus on the ambient side of folk—songs as haunted whispers, emphasizing texture over structure—Ballentine has carved out her own dusky niche (